What We Offer.

Provide Best Services

Maximizing Deductions

A tax deduction is a qualified expense that lowers your taxable income. We have qualified and experienced tax specialist to see whether you qualify for them.

IRS Notice Review

We are here to help you understand what type of IRS Notice you received and why. Furthermore we can help you understand the notice and how to resolve the situation with IRS.

ITIN Assistance

An Individual Taxpayers Identification Number is a United States processing number issued by IRS for those to file a federal tax return but not eligible for social security number. We can assist with this process.

Audit Assistance

During an Audit the IRS asks for information and documents to explain your position. We can assist you in providing the information and work with the IRS.

Business Formation/Filing

We are here to help you launch your business. Let us do the legwork when forming your business.

Credit Restoration

We specialize in designing a credit restoration plan designed to meet your individual needs. Our team has over 15 years experience in credit restoration.

Notary Signing Agents

We have notary signing agents specifically trained to handle and notarize specific documents. Mobile Notary Available.

Business Compliance

We can assist in the external requirements for your business according to your states’ requirements.

Tax Preparation (Consumer or Business)

Put our expertise to work for you in filing your personal or business tax return.

Accounting/Payroll Services

We provide accounting and payroll services for businesses at a professional and expertise level. We can provide monthly accounting and payroll reports. We can design a accounting program to meet your needs at an affordable cost.